Australia has strict limitations and guidelines on how and what type of passport photos are acceptable.

 Here are the guidelines which must be followed:

  • You will need two recent photos of yourself. Recent means no more than six months old.
  • The dimensions of the photo should be 4.5cm-3.5cm. These are the exact measurements. Make certain your photo isn’t bigger or smaller than that.
  • When taking the picture, make sure you’re looking straight at the camera. Keep a neutral facial expression, no smiling or frowning. Keep hair out of eyes and if glasses are worn, make sure they don’t block the eyes. For religious reasons, head scarves are acceptable; however, your full face must be visible.
  • As for the quality of the visa photo, be sure to have good lighting. Underexposed or overexposed photos are not acceptable. Use a solid background, preferably white. Take out all red eye.
  • Once your photo is done, submit two copies along with your application.

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