When traveling through Europe, the Schengen Area allows for easier travel within 26 participating countries. During this tour, certain countries like the United States, are not required to get a special visa or show a passport when crossing borders into another country in the Schengen area. If your country does require a visa, there are requirements for your photo you need to adhere to:

  • On your application, you will need two photos. One needs to be pasted to the physical form and the other included with the paperwork.
  • Good lighting is necessary.  Make sure your photo is not under or over exposed.
  • Your face should be completely visible with nothing distracting or covering any portion of the face.  Your expression needs to be neutral. Smiling is not permitted. Head coverings for religious purposes are acceptable so long as it doesn’t cover any portion of the face.
  • From the top of your hairline to the chin should measure 1 ¼ to 1 3/8 inches, no bigger, no smaller. 
  • The photo quality should be high, clear and with the right amount of contrast. Too much alters the image and will not be accepted. If you wear glasses, make sure the rims do not block your eyes. If they are too thick, you will need to remove them before taking the photo.
  • Resolution of the printed picture is at least 600 dpi and on professional paper. 
  • Backgrounds accepted are white. No patterns, color or anything aside from a solid, white backdrop are allowed.
  • Do not staple photo to application.
  • Color photos are the only acceptable pictures. No black and white.
  • The entire picture should be at least 70% of your head. Avoid being too far or too close to the camera.

With all these requirement, a lot can go wrong so be sure to visit our website today and take your visa photo with us!