When you are planning a trip to Cambodia, you will need to have a visa in order to get into the country.  Keep in mind that all Cambodia visas are processed and stored electronically. You will not receive anything in the mail after applying. The picture you submit online has a few guidelines that must be followed or a delay in receiving your visa can occur, you can apply with MyPassportPhotos today to receive a 100% compliant passport photo

Here is what you need to know:

-The photo cannot be over or underexposed. 

-Only a solid white or off-white background is permitted. No designs or color.

-Do not wear hats or sunglasses. Your full face needs to be visible.

-Use a neutral expression. No smiling. Keep your mouth closed.

-Picture should contain between 50-70% of your head, from shoulder to top of skull. 

-File size of picture can not be smaller than 1MB. 

-Sizing is as follows: Minimum: 600 pixels in height, 400 pixels wide; Maximum is 1200 pixels in height and 800 pixels wide.

-For this visa, photo can be either black and white or in color. Either must be of good quality.