If you plan on leaving Canada and traveling the world, you will need to have a valid passport. 
This also includes a proper passport photo so visit our website and take your photo today. When submitting your Canadian passport application, you are required to send 2 identical pictures. The details of exact specifications are as follows:

  • 2 inches wide and 2 ¾ height. Your full face and head should be about 1 1/7 of an inch. 
  • Photo can be either black and white or in color. Please have a professional take the picture as snapshots are not acceptable.
  • Use a neutral expression. Eyes open, no smiling and mouth closed. 
  • Good lighting is a must. No shadows or under/overexposed photos are accepted.
  • Your face must be centered in the photo.
  • Background must be white and plain with your natural skin tone showing.
  • Photo must be no older than 12 months.
  • Prescription eyeglasses are acceptable if your eyes are clearly visible and there is no glare on the glass. 
  • Head coverings such as hats and scarves are not to be worn unless for religious or medical reasons. If one is worn in the photo, your face must be completely visible.  
  • On the back of both photos you must have your name, address of where you took the picture and date it was taken. No stick on labels.