Anyone who plans to travel outside the country and more specifically out of Italy, will need to have a passport. There are a few requirements which must be met in order to receive an Italian passport. Those include:

  • Picture for passport photo must be taken on a plain, white background. In order to show your face better, you should wear darker clothing.
  • Sizing should not be larger than 3.5cm in width. 
  • Your head and top of shoulders should fill about 75% of the photo. 
  • The photo must be in focus and have no creases or scratches. Print should be printed on high quality photo paper.
  • You should be looking directly at the camera. Eyes open, mouth closed. 
  • Any hair must be pushed back and not cover your face. This includes bangs. 
  • Glasses are permitted so long as it doesn’t cover your eyes, are not tinted or causes glare. Your eyes must be clearly visible.
  • Head coverings are not permitted accept for religious reasons. Your face needs to be fully exposed and neutral.

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